Any Ideas Footswitch Options

Im after some opinions on best main pedal and footswitch settings?For example I would like to know if I can go from pause in one main pattern to start with another pattern when unpaused,like if you finish a chorus with ride (or second pattern) with a pause and want to go back to the first pattern(verse).
Im also having some issues accidently hitting pause next to accent button ,any suggestions?I guess I may just have to aim better ,but in the heat of a gig its quite easy to do.

Check Norberto’shack out , I think it addresses what your after .

Would a null transition work?
Main loop 1 > null transition > main loop 2

Hold the null down until ready to go to 2.

Whats Nobertos Shack?

Norberto’s hack is an external switch that he rigged up.

Probably meant Norbert’s Hack:

Thanx Hurricane will check that out cheers