Any ideas on how to get best BB sound through PA

Any tips on how to get best sound out of BB through PA…sometimes it sounds a little one dimensional…would plugging it in stereo help ie using 2 leads left/ right into 2 channels on mixer? also any extra fx ie sonic maximizer,eq pedal help.

I run mine both stereo and mono depending on the venue, and I do find stereo sounds more dynamic, but mono is very serviceable. Are all the drum sets sounding flat to you or just one?

Hi Anthony!! I use drums beats that I’ve edited myself from quality midi files which already have great mixes.
This allows me to use default settings from my PA and Beatbuddy. If you visit my website, there are some live video/audio of my BeatBuddy with my trio. I would be glad to share some of my experience with you.

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I have created my own kits for acoustic set and have lowered velocity considerably so perhaps that may be it.I’ve also downloaded many sample instruments from websites which have provided me with great kicks and snares etc that suit my sort of Portishead Massive Attack sounds.To be honest though it my be the fact that Im not running it in stereo.

Ok… here’s what I do… of course it varies by PA, I have a 16 channel Behringer with EQ and FX … so here goes. First, this works with all kits, stereo, left, right or centered. In general kits sound “flat” because our bb doesn’t respond to midi commands for resonance. So, I add mid range, also add a bit of compression, about 25%… and then, reverb/echo, about 50%. Of course, this is all to my liking, you will be different.


thank you that was very useful and I’ll def be trying that.I have the compression option which i already use but dont put ahy reverb on,I do have fx on my desk (Yamaha 12MG XU) will try tweaking that reverb a little.

Definitely try reverb… a little bit of echo and delay can fatten things up a bit too. Play around… you’ll get it.

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Well done!
You folks can sing!
Love the sax and flute.

hi phil could you possibly send a pic of where your 2 leads from bb go into your mixer …i mean are they just for example you are using 7 and 8 inputs on your mixer is that how it works?do you use mono or balanced jacks? unfortunately the l/r stereo channel on my yamaha mgxu doesnt have compression so i have to use chanells between 1 and 4 for compression
i hope you understand what im trying to say lol

Sure I can but I’m out of the country for a few more days. When I get back I will do it,