Any leads on REO's "Roll with the Changes"?

Looked at a couple of MIDI files but nothing useful so far. Easy enough song in case we ever go back in front of bar crowds. Drums, keys and bass would be ideal but its simple enough I might wind up just using a stock beat and lay on piano and bass as needed.

Roll_changes_in_G.sng (59.7 KB)
You can try this one. I was screwing around with it sometime back. Don’t know where I found the midi file. Probably one of those three glasses of cabernet evenings… I knocked it down to G so I could sing with it. Stax 4 octave piano seemed to work with it. I don’t have Neil Doughty’s organ part in it. I was going to try to play that on my guitar. It’s a great song and easy to play. I think I decided it doesn’t work with my voice.

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Thanks! I haven’t gotten that far with my plan but would likely adjust the key as well and/or give it to one of the other guys to sing. The song does give our lead guitarist free range which is always nice.

Just ran it using one of my favorites - Bosendorfer Jazz Trio kit - and it sounds great. You even included the (almost) endless outro in honor of Gary Richrath. :wink: