Any Midi Maestro mode updates coming soon?

Is Singular Sound planning on updating the Aeros and Beatbuddy Midi Maestro modes to keep up with the Aeros 5.0.0 and the Beatbuddy 4.1.3 firmware updates?

Hey there,

Not currently at this time, no, but you can make any version of the default modes you like by creating a template of the default mode and editing it to your liking. This is all possible using the MIDI Maestro app (available on the Google Play store and the App Store)!

Thanks for the question!

Is there anyway on the MM to control BB and Aeros from the same custom screen? Seems to be either/or.

Hi All, I thought you was looking at the expression not working as it should , ie to control volume , on the beat buddy ??


Yes, this is done using the app and making a custom mode, learn more in the MIDI Maestro manual or watch this video of the app run through

Correct and we are quite nearly done, but this is not what the original poster was asking or what I was referring to

Ok cool , wrong thread oops