Any Neil Young stuff...

Tips and tricks to make the best of any Neil Young song.

Only found 4 songs on the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve got Heart of Gold tee’d up. What else are you interested in?

I don’t mean to butt in but since you asked. :slight_smile:

Down by the River.
Love is a rose.
Harvest moon.

I have most of the midi source files as well as the cheat sheets for these.

Checking the quality of the midi source files now.

I’ve uploaded Heart of Gold and Love is a Rose to Resources. I’m working on Down by the River (tough to find decent midi source files so this is turning into another blend job from two source files. Harvest Moon is in the queue.

Harvest Moon…it’s a start…

And. “Helpless Helpless” “Four strong winds” “Like Hurricane” :slight_smile:

Thnx all for feedback. Out on the weekend (key of A) with bass would be awesome :slight_smile: I have Rocking in the Free world w bass and its just awesome (found it here on the forum).
I’ll check out the songs posted. Down by the river aand like a hurricane would be awesome to :slight_smile:

Cinnamon Girl is posted, to, and Harvest Moon,

Awesome!!! I´ll be checking it out right away :slight_smile:

Ok, just tested the files, and it´s perfect. However I have one question. Earlier I downloaded Rocking in the Free world.
One thing I like about that setup is that you have an count in, you can let the verses run for as long as you want, and then switch to chorus whenever you like. In true NY-spirit this gives a lot of room for improvisation and variation.

Question is, how can I, or is there quick way you could split up songs like Like a Hurricane and Down By The River into: count in, vers bass, chorus bass, and if needed an outro?

This would make the BB experience even more awesome.

Thnx for all ideas and help so far.

Do you have any experience with editing Midi in a DAW?

Well, kinda. I use Logic Pro to some extent, and I´ve also tried the built in editor in BB.
Just to think out loud… I could drag the Midi files into Logic Pro and simply split them up there. Export them as new files and into BB?
(sounds simple ;)) But maybe theres more to it?

I´ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

Just tried, and it worked perfectly :slight_smile: Used Logix pro to cut the MIDI-files into the bits I wanted. Thnx for tip.

Excellent! :slight_smile: