Any news on when some updates could be expected?

I’m still using the (not responding) Beta version which I love, Except for the Not Responding delays. Individual song volume would be fantastic. Or group instrument global volume controls in drum kit builder. Been gigging a lot this summer and have been getting great feedback on the BB. I always take time to explain, in layman terms, how it works. It’s a great tool for what I need and really look forward to some updates to further my new little show. THanks!

The more I make kits, the more I would like to see the ability to group instruments for volume adjustment. Then I could put all of the bass in one group, or some of the cymbals in a group, etc. The other huge time saver would be some way to copy and paste groups on instruments from an existing kit into a new kit.

Wouldn’t that be nice? You’d have about 20 new kits a week.

Then there’d never be enough songs to keep up with the kits, right?

Phil; regarding your comment “some way to copy and paste groups on instruments from an existing kit into a new kit”, I would like to know if there’s a way to copy a song from my lists and paste it to a second list. I’ve made several runs at trying to do that, but it seems that all I can do is move a file from one folder to another; not copy/paste.

See, I want to compile a “short list of go-to drumbeats” folder, but I want the original drum patterns left where they are. I also ask because I want to start making some changes to some of them (you were a big help with this the other day, BTW; thanks for that) but leave the original files intact.

You can’t just copy and paste a song, unfortunately.

What you do is export and then import. From BB Manager, select the song, then it’s File>export>song, and pick a location on your hard drive where you want to put it. Then, in BB Manager, go to Songs>new folder, and create the folder where you will put the song, if you have not done so already. After that, just click on that folder to make it active, and the File>import song to get the song into your set list.

Going forward, you might do what I do. When I download a song, I put it into a folder by genre on my harddrive. Then if I want to make a set list, I can go right to those folders for my imports, and not worry about what is already on the pedal.

Yeah, nice workaround. It’s a bit convoluted, but actually not too messy, and definitely gets the job done… Thanks, Phil, I’ll take it!

Would be great to be able to copy/paste from folder to folder. It’s been requested, but hasn’t materialized.