Any of you midi-gurus able to help please?

Any of you midi-gurus able to help please? I want to be able to edit the bass notes in song segments. I know you can do minor edits in the midi editor within BB Manager but one easily gets lost using this software. For the same reason it is also very difficult to write a bass part. Exporting the midi file into Beatbuilder only brings in the percussion instruments for some or other reason. I would also like to “write” bass tracks together with the drum tracks - that I found impossible to do in Beatbuilder.

I frequently import the drum tracks from Guitar Pro into BB Manager and that works fine and it will be great if someone can help me with how to also include the bass tracks from Guitar Pro into the song segments.

This might give you an idea of what’s possible using Guitar Pro (GP) to Reaper:

Although I don’t use GP, I export GP files to MIDI using TuxGuitar and then edit that MIDI file in either Logic Pro X or Reaper.

Are you combining the drum and bass tracks into one track before bringing them into BBM?

What Raymond said, plus you have to transpose the bass up or down several octaves depending upon the kit you choose. You are not producing a midi type 0 file. You are producing just a midi drum track, but up to all 128 slots of the midi track are available to be assigned to tones. A typical midi drum track all falls between midi 35 and 82. Everything from 60 on up are Latin percussion pieces. You can get a fairly robust drum kit just using 35 through 59. That leaves 0 through 34 and/or 60 through 127 available for other stuff. Open up some of the user produced kits and see how they are mapped.

Transpose the bass, then merge the bass and drums into one midi track. Export that track, and import it into BBM, with an appropriately mapped drum kit assigned to it. I can comment on GP Midi tracks, cuz I don’t use them.