Any plans for further development of Beatbuddy Manager?


I really like the beatbuddy and do not want to miss it.

But I also see a great need to modernize the software. If you work hard with the BB Manager, that is more often a torture. Are their any plans to invest in an update of the software and specifically the built-in midi editor?

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Welcome to BB and I have to agree. Unfortunately your request has been made countless times even before I bought my BB over 2 years ago and yet I’m still dealing with most of the same deficiencies. Sad to say I wouldn’t hold my breath. Heck after all this time trying get the BB to do what I want for my music, I’ve had to spend so many hours and have learned so much about DAW’s and midi that I’ve started moving in a different direction away from it.

On the plus side, however, it’s still a pretty good drum machine if that’s all you want. The added value is that it’s also a pretty good midi sound module with a small footprint. But personally and given the limitations, I made the choice to bite the bullet and make an investment so I don’t have to jump through so many hoops to get what I want. Good luck!