Any update on a 1 shot mode

There appears to have been some discussion about potentially adding a “1 shot mode” back in May of 2020. I did not see much discussion since. Aside from having to double tap the stop/start switch, (first tap to start loop, 2nd tap to stop at “end of loop”) with a delay between taps, is there another way to execute a 1 shot function? Thanks.

With a midi controller
take a look here specialy on 2 min Aeros and Midi Maestro how to give a effect touch. The trick (FR/ENG) - YouTube

Thank you for the reply. I checked the video out and it appears that he is toggling the mute function on/off on the second track. The “1 shot mode” I am asking about would only require 1 bottom press to initiate play on the track. The track would then run to loops end and then stop automatically.

I guess the CC command
Start immediately on press and the Stop at the end of the loop as release

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Ha Yes. That should work. Thanks!