Any way to access beats directly on pedal instead of via a Song?

I have owned a Beatbuddy for quite a few years but have never really gelled with it, as I primarily use it for a guitar practice tool, and aside from a few songs, dont really access all the variety. All I want to do is quickly scroll through a bunch of beats and find a beat that fits whatever I am working on , without fills etc, just to flesh out ideas or work on something. More like a traditional drum machine. With that said, I came across a song someone post called Simple Beats 1.1 and love it. Looking at that it got me thinking that it would be great if the BeatBuddy had an additional option to be able to just directly access all the beats that are contained in the songs directly without having to go through the song structure, and additionally be able to change them while they are playing (Audition to find the right one) as a practice tool. Is there any way to access the beats directly on a global basis, or if not, do you guys think this would be a cool feature? I thought about just creating a master song for each genre, such as Rock, and just stringing as many beats together as diff song parts but still would not be a simple to use.

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it will be very useful also for me. totally agree.