Any way to audition songs/beats while BB is playing? If not, feature request

Long time owner of BB, but not much of a user in a live situation. Just never fully got into using my BB in a live setting because I play different songs at church constantly and creating or finding a useable beat every time has been more hassle than it’s worth for me. I was thinking about it and thought about how on other drum machines and loopers with drums, you can set them to “play mode” and then scroll thorough beats while it is playing and it will let you to audition them easily on the fly. I was wondering if there would be any way to do this and keep it playing even if the BB waited until the end of a beat’s measure in order to play the next one. If not, seems like an audition mode would be a great feature for the unit and maybe help with finding that perfect beat for a song.

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What I do:
I play live sets.
So, I find the beat beforehand.
And practice with them.
I have an alphabetical list of the
song name: BB beat (where it is) and bpm.

This can be flexible.

With BBM you can go farther and make a predermined set list. I’ve never done this, yet.

I understand this, but finding the right beat beforehand is the issue if not in the song matching tool.

Hi Guitar1969,

I think the easiest way to quickly play through songs on the BeatBuddy would be on a PC in BeatBuddy Manager. This is not exactly what you want, but you can definitely zip around much faster in the program, and play any of the beats/songs right there in your headphones/PC speakers.

I also +1 your feature request. Like a demo mode.

Thanks. Yeah I have done it in the BB a bit - It is a bit faster but a demo/audition mode on the pedal itself would be helpful. I think this is one of the challenges BB has in that trying to find a beat for a song without the help of the song matching tool, or creating one from scratch, turns off alot of users.
I am originally a drummer for about 40 years, who now also plays guitar, and from a drum standpoint, for basic beats (Not fills and such) there really are only like 10 or so beats that are pretty common in most rock/pop songs. May not be perfect but are passable for a basic use in a pinch. I think the genres are a bit misleading, as many can be used cross genre with something as simple as changing the drumset being used.