Any way to copy and paste

When I am editing a song is there a way to copy and paste beats as opposed to individual settings

You should be able to copy/paste song sections.

Just hover over the song and it should display a hilited outline which can then be copied or dragged.

To Copy, on a Mac, you need to use the keyboard commands, By that, I mean you can’t select the part and then go to the Edit>Copy menu. You have to leave the mouse hovered over the part, and then do Command C. I presume the Windows version acts in a similar manner.

I am posting a link to my Vimeo page and this hopefully will explain my question better[MEDIA=vimeo]233863618[/MEDIA]

The BBManager’s MIDI editor cannot currently do this. I’d recommend using a 3rd party MIDI editor, such as Reaper’s.

Regarding the tempo change feature mid song, it’s not ready for use, so technically it could be done but practically no. We did have this feature some time ago (per song part), but it had a some bugs in it and very unstable results.

Hi Don,
I´m in doubt, this is what you need, but you can have the tempo changes by using a external sequencer (software).
When I am using BB (as slave) with ableton I can have tempo changes as well as different time signatures (4/4, 3/4 etc…), all in sync with live.o_O If this is what you´re looking for…:wink: