Any way to jump to different parts of a song in BB (non-sequentially)?

We’re wanting to use BB for a church application. What we would need is to be able to progress through a song in a non-sequential way: V1, C, V2, C, B, C. From what I understand BB will go from part 1 to part 2 and back to part 1. We would need the ability to jump to a section, but also include the fills/transitions.

Would a MIDI pedal help? We have a Looptimus pedal, but not sure if we could pull this off? Any expert advice out there? Appreciate any guidance you can give.

Why not just arrange the beats in the correct order. The 1 press of the pedal is for fills, the hold down press is for transitioning to the next section. Its all how you set up the song in the BB Manager to make it work how you need it to.