Any way to save a VOLUME setting?

Is there any way to save a VOLUME setting for each song? The way I’m using the pedal it would be nice to control the volumes of each song and actually save each volume setting. Thoughts? Ideas?

No not really, you could edit the drumkits and lower the volume of the overall samples, but the songs themselves are just midi files which trigger the samples. The only other option is to lower the velocity or the midi volume of the channel.
Hope that makes sense.

That’s what I’ve done, its the easiest way to go. I edited the volume on every drum in the Standard set down -5 db and saved as Standard LowVol (takes maybe 5 minutes). It worked very well. If you are real discerning you could do -2 db, a -4db, and a -6bd drum sets. Note I already had the big Toms edited down -15 db and for this they are -20db. Then if you need to raise or lower the volume you’d run your average songs with a -5db drum set, loud ones with a -10db drum set, and quiet songs with a -0 db set.

I too would like to see a volume parameter in BBMgr. However a good quality compressor can do wonders for leveling out your drum tracks. You want a compressor that’s largely transparent as opposed to one that’s designed to make a rock guitar scream. I’m a big fan of moderate compression all drum tracks and I use it on drums in the studio for all genres of music. I’ve used my Joe Meek on the BeatBuddy and it helps keep the drum tracks level. I do modify some of the midi clips I use to lower the volume of certain excessive notes. The compressor will definitely help in reducing you need to tweak the volume of individual songs.