Any way to use Yurt Rock drums in BeatBuddy?

Anyone doing this? What’s the best way?


Hi Scott

I had a brief look at Yurt Rock and downloaded their demo pack.
It seems like most of their samples are pre-recorded drum loops (e.g. full groove with hats, kick, and snare) rather than individual sounds of each drum element (e.g. just the sound of the snare).
If I’ve missed it and they do provide individual drum element samples, then you can create a BeatBuddy drumset from those samples. Have a look at this video to get an idea of what can be done:

There were some MIDI tracks in the demo pack. Those you could import as a part into a song to use them with the BeatBuddy but that would play with the sounds from a BeatBuddy drumset.

Let me know what aspect of Yurt Rock drums you’re specifically referring to and I could probably help further.

Hi Andrew -
I really don’t think I have the patience to load in the sounds and do all that mapping, etc. I was mostly interested in trying to use their midi loops, but BB manager didn’t seem to recognize them. I did also try to use the midi mapper app/site, but they don’t seem to have an option for coverting Yurt Rock midi to BB midi.

This may be a litttle “off forum” but I would consider adding something else to the board that could play .wav drum loops and sync up with Aeros to use in addition to beat buddy… LMK if you are aware of anything like that, too.


I have created an alternate editor to BBM which will import and recognise the MIDI loops (it certainly does the ones from their demo pack, and I’ll add support for others if they don’t work)
Have a look at The missing editor for your BeatBuddy 🥁 BBFF

I think playing full WAV samples is beyond the scope of what the BeatBuddy is designed for.
You might be able to put loops like that directly onto the Aeros on a separate track and loop over that?