Anybody have George Benson's Breezin' with bass?

Haven’t gotten my midi keyboard yet but I would think this song wouldn’t be that hard given the repetitive nature of both the drum and bass parts. Thanks!

did you ever get this file? Mark

Done. Please read the notes

Downloaded it and that’s what I was looking for! I’ll look over your notes and give the .mid files a listen… but right now I just synch’ed up my BB and the tubes on my Mesa Boogie are warming up so I’ll get with you if I have any questions. Thanks again, persist!

Great song, persist.

btw I never knew the song had words… although now that I know what they are I’m glad I kept it as an instrumental. I also use different chords than the tab. Don’t know if these are the actual chords or just relative to what they should be.

Dmaj9 - Bm7 - Em9 - A

Thanks again!