Anybody have song or beat for "Sugaree" by Grateful Dead / Jerry Garcia

any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Just saw this while hoping to find Garcia’s ‘Wheel’ with the proper drum intro parts. We have been using the stock Country 1 - Shuffle. Basically ‘Country - Beat 7 - Shuffle snare +’ since its easy to start on the 1 we just lose the intro and play few fills. This is in a set every night we play and no complaints - after all its a pretty simple shuffle.

Thanks! What BPM are you using? I appreciate it!

95 bpm works. I use Standard Pro. I use a (stereo) volume pedal for dynamics (within a song volume changes and to ‘ease out’ rather than outro fill or abrupt stops) and choose drum kits as some songs seem to benefit if the kit seems fatter/softer or some attribute that works better.

Come up with a decent midi file and it’s in the realm of the possible. I noticed that Charles Spencer posted the song here a couple of years ago.