Anybody play in 3/4 time anymore?

The only usable 3/4 time in the complete song sets, unless I am missing something, is the World / Waltz/ song selection. It fits for some but it has some real limitations. ( I know because I use it in over 25 songs that I do). The new libraries are almost completely 4/4 time and one or two 6/8 . After reading through the requests and song listings for a couple of months, it is obvious that this something that some people would really use. A lot of Classic country, Early Folk Music, and even some blues used the 3/4 time signature.
I have tried, for example, to use the waltz time for Willie Nelson"s , “Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain” but to no avail.

Not really, 6/8 is very popular at the moment. This is a 3/4 one that I made, but it may not work as it was created using 1.32

And I have not gotten into moving various beats and things by midi in the Manager, but so far it looks like there is not much I can do there to change things to a 3/4 time either. Guess I just need to keep using the old drunk guy at the end of the bar with spoons. As long as he does not fall off of the stool, he does pretty good.:rolleyes:
I am having a good time with some of the latin beats and have learned to adapt some of those to popular Mariachi songs.