Anyone ever use Intelliscore to transpose songs to midi files?

I’m looking at this software, and while it looks a bit old, it looks perfect for transposing and converting songs with separate instrument tracks to midi files! Anyone ever try it?

Here’s the link:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Although I have not tried it, the poor reviews make me think that it’s not that good a product. Even though it’s probably just as complicated to use, you’re better off using a DAW.

Not being a PC user, I have never given Intelliscore a proper tryout. However. I do have a current version of Band-in-a-Box which has a wav/mp3 to midi convert and import capability. It kinda works acceptably on a individual instrument track without too much editing. I suspect you’d get the same type of results from Intelliscore. Where the composition is fairly minimalist and instruments have a clear space, It might work OK. They tell you that drums are going to mess it up, so that eliminates most every popular song. I suspect that distortion and chorus/dealy effects will also throw it way off. I’d be interested to see how it works with solo piano stuff, which it “should” be able to handle. But again, for the most part, this is not the type of recording you are normally going to have available to make a BB song. That said, if you are doing originals and have multi-track source recordings available for each instrument, I’d give it a try. But, in that case, I would have probably made the midi parts up front.

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Gave Intelliscore a go - great if you’re looking for an out time band! Great if you want a laugh. Once the files are converted from MP3 to Midi, you do get the option of going in and adjusting the sounds and notes on the piano roll - just as quick doing everything on a midi really by the time you’ve spent fixing the conversions! :slight_smile: