anyone find a bass solution with BB?

I am guitar player…was wondering if any solo guitar players out there have come up with a way to add bass during live shows with their BB?

From the archives Feb 15

There are plenty of songs in the resourses section that contain bass lines and drumkits with bass needed to be able to hear the bass are in there as well.


thanks for responding. If I have my own original songs that I would like to add bass to is that possible? And if so, would I do that with in the BB manager on my computer? Or would I do that in a DAW and then transfer the midi files over to the BBM?

Yes, it’s possible. Although you could use the BBM, it might be easier to create a separate midi track for working on the bass in your DAW.

Thanks persist. has there already been a tutorial or thread about this on the forum…as far as adding midi bass to your own originals and how to get that working? I don’t have the Beat Buddy yet. I am hoping to get it but it’s just contingent on how much of a headache it will be for me to figure out how to get it all up and running since I haven’t worked with Midi before. But I recorded actual bass lines onto my songs in Garageband and I believe that I can convert them to midi pretty easily. And with the drums for my songs that I already programmed with EZ Drummer, I know you can definitely export midi’s of those easily.

I don’t think a tutorial exists specifically showing how to add bass from scratch to a midi track in a DAW for the BBM. There are a couple of GarageBand wizards on the forum and they might be able to answer any questions as you begin to work thru the process. Although GB can’t export directly to a midi file, you can google GB2midi to learn how to do so.

Try out this tutorial. Creating midi files for drums and bass can seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of it is is quite easy.