Anyone got some insight into this

Ive been trying to use the aeros in a live situation. I have it set up to start in freeform with a beat showing on the display.
What I want to do is press record when Im ready to start a loop without having to look down at the beatbuddy

Now sometimes I might misjudge when the first beat has come around and press record on the third beat instead, for example, because the beatbuddy beats sometimes don’t accent when the first beat is and the beats just go around as though they are in a continuous loop and because Im not counting every beat

With my other looper a boomerang this wouldnt matter but with the beatbuddy/aeros combination if you don’t start the loop on the first beat it gives you a count in and you cant start recording until the beatbuddy comes around to the first beat

This means you have to check and look at the beatbuddy before pressing record

Is there any way around this? That is press record and go straight into recording without any counting irrespective of the beat number first second third fourth you start recording

Hope this makes sense to someone I know this might be sacrilege to some users but its just an occasional issue Ive had and I find its easy to loose the first beat especially when improvising as the first and third beats often sound the same with beatbuddybeats.

I guess with a live drummer the first beat will be accented making it clearer

This didn’t seem to be an issue with the boomerang it begins recording as soon as you press record no matter which beat you start on

Ive got the feeling this is not possible because of the way the beatbuddy and aeros sync

Disable the Count In on the Aeros settings.

If you are using beatbuddy with Aeros, you should really sync to the the BB (Quantized, not Freeform). Otherwise you will never get the loop length exactly the same and the two devices will drift over time.

Then if you press record on the Aeros … it should start recording on the next measure.

I don’t think SS thinks much about this case where the BB is running and then you jump in with the Aeros recording. There’s no way to tell the Aeros not to start recording upon BB start (sounds like the midi park feature is almost ready, but not handsfree). And there’s no way for the Aeros to start on the next BB phrase (“loop”).

There is. It’s a setting. Aeros can be told to do sync start playback but not recording on midi start received.

That means when you start BB, you get the scrolling grid but not recording. You can hit record at your option.

I’d use this all the time except it’s got one weirdness… When BB is in intro and you press record to try and “arm” aeros for synced play and record it starts recording out of sync. I really should do a feature request about it, but it never really feels like there’s much point.

I think I’ve run into that bug as well.

Does that setting also mean the Aeros won’t record upon changing parts?

Yeah thats how I use it and it works ok but I never use intros. The thing is you have to start recording on the first beat. Which I guess is something I need to discipline myself to do mid jam.
If you set up the loop at the beginning its easier