Anyone have a BB pedal for sale?

I’m looking to add a second pedal as a backup unit. Mine just died and I’m dependent on it and I obviously need a backup unit, so I would jump on a used Pedal if anyone is looking to part with theirs. I would pay a very fair price.

Just checking. Thanks.


I do but it has to sell as a pkg deal, I have the footswitch and MIDI cable with the midi male connector plus the BB all for $ 325 shipped to lower 48 only

This is all new stuff
I don’t like the way it sounds through my guitar amp so letting go of all of it

A guitar amp doesn’t have enough highs and lows to reproduce a drum kit well. Try a decent keyboard amp.

Yeah I learned that the hard way, so bought a Roland 550 180Watt keyboard amp and WOW!
Still want to sell because I never use the BB for some reason, I just use my RC-300 and it’s enough for me