Anyone have Carry On (similar to CSN 4 way St version)?

I don’t see anything in our forum so before I ‘teach’ myself even more REAPER figured I’d ask. This may be a bit of an artful attempt.

I have a source file and can work it up. It has tempo changes and I have other work queued up ahead of this. I can do DOP, OPB, OPBk versions.

Thank you (again). I found a rather weak file online but not much. I was thinking of trying it possibly without tempo changes and std tuning rather than Bruce Palmer?

Let me know what you decide. The file I have is pretty good.

Thanks. We limit tunings as a convenience live and if timing isn’t problematic that’s fine. For instance we do Floyd’s Breathe&Time at the same tempo interrupted by some supplemental audio using stock BB files. Works well w/o tempo changes

OK Chip - The 4+ min Deja Vu version is clean I can end it as I do on some with the volume pedal and fade out if needed and being realistic standard tuning (not Palmer e modal) and no tempo changes. HH keeping time between sections as usual should work fine.

We could keep a jam loop in for extended solos (transition to a B section) and even an outro fill if one is handy. Not really sure what that would be though so maybe not. There’s where the volume pedal fade comes in handy.