Anyone have the Jazz packs ($5-website)?????

Curious if any purchased the Jazz Beats and Brushes package, if they are worth it to add some more Jazz songs and more fusion type range???

Paul, bought and downloaded it a few days ago. It sounds great - same superb quality as the originals but maybe slightly more subtle. A must for jazz enthusiasts.

All the beats are demonstrated in the audio demo but not the fills, if you like it buy it. listening to the demo it sounds great and will be exactly what people have wanted for a while. To get the most out of it though you would need the beats as well as they make best use of the sampled drum kit.

Yes, I bought the drum kit and loops. They were well worth the ten bucks. Have used them in many of the songs I play.

Cool, I got it today, some nice beats and love that brush kit. I think there’s some stuff on there I can use for some fusion,
I am more of Jeff Beck “jazz fusion” guy than all the horn stuff and probably more traditional jazz unless I am just messing with my guitar synth L4 or 335 with upright bass/vib patches.
Really for $10 it was a nice load for the unit, have to look at some others to see if I can make use of them.
The BB seems to have a ton of memory ability, so far I have not found a way to read the memory status on my PC but I have a bunch of songs from here and I deleted some folders I am just not going to use for the memory space. Working on customizing my unit, which is something they do not rave on enough with this unit. It can be configured just for you, your tunes, your liked beats and so on.
I am working on getting the TRIO unit soon as well, all the new drum stuff is just a hoot to jam with and really improves your chops and timing.
I dig the jazz and funk stuff as I love to build my improvisation skills which is real music to me, spontaneous, out of the blue, when that works it is a magic that nothing else compares.

OK, what bugs me about this whole thing is this two part “song” thing, I am finding that bloody annoying and the same sort of machine loop thing I hated to begin with. After the newness is wearing off hence a few days, I am seriously thinking of returning the unit, it is not what I was expecting and I think maybe the TRIO unit might be more what I could use. All these “songs” with two parts is just useless and the ones someone has tried to map out are novel but how many times are you going to play that song locked into the set riff until you cannot deal with it anymore. It’s been a few days for me and already I am finding the 2 part factory stuff useless and the user songs, restrictive and confined.
I need an improvisation tool and for sure more than two small beat changes to a “song”.

Well, there’s no way the unit is going to think for itself or think about what you are playing as a band member would do. The strength of this unit seems to be that it is NOT a canned backing track but a simple, solid rhythm that can be adapted by the player. It is not controlling a set, canned, artificial “karaoke” performance. I’ve heard musicians who use backing tracks in a futile attempt to create an entire band. IMO, this always fails miserably. You might as well have a jukebox. Audiences want to hear a live performance. The BB seems to allow a real, live performance by a solo musician and is close to being another instrument much like a harmonica on a neck holder. With the options of pausing and inserting fills, it gives some flexibility on the fly. I would like it to have the ability to change tempo and slow tempos for ending fills because it is limited to one-tempo songs.