Anyone here using BB with Mobius Looper?

Since I got my Christmas present: RME FireFace UC I´m now connected to PC(using cubase as DAW) I found Mobius Looper what has so many possibilities…now I´m trying to get it working for me(standalone, not pluged in).
Since I am not firm with programming(don´t know anything about scripting etc) and english isn´t my native language, I hope to find some help here…(I´ve also wrote to Circular Labs Forum, but still no answer)
I have nearly everything the way I want, but there is just one problem:
When I load saved projects, all loops are paused. I just need a way to unpause the loops quantized to the the Midi clock(muting and unmuting works, but since reloaded Projects loops allways are paused) from BeatBuddy. Is there any way?

Another thing I would like to do (and I´m not sure, if that´s possible at all), is there a way to load saved Projects per Midi Command? I assume Midi scripting is the way, if there is a chance at all, and sure I have to learn it, but I don´t even know where to start this.
So I would be happy for any tips, or if there`s someone who allready goes that way would share his knowledge. I know here are so many helpful people and I saw some guys mentioning using Mobius,
so please somebody help me…

Hi Dennis. @rolandvg99 has previously posted his experience with Mobius Looper and the BeatBuddy.

It seems you’ve already found the Circular Labs User Forum and another user on that forum may have answered your question.