Anyone in Brazil?

I still don’t have but I’m looking forward to get a BeatBuddy. That’s exactly what I was looking for and you guys did a GREAT job developing this for us. Just wondering if anyone else got an unit in Brazil. Did it take too long to receive? What was the shipping method? How about import fees? Any plans to have a reseller in the country?

Hi Carlos,

I brought my beatbuddy during the indiego campain. I asked to sent my beatbuddy to a friend in Florida and the way that I find to receive here in Brazil was the USPS, but before my friend send my unit, other friend travelled to Houston this week and he will bring to me this week.
Anyway, I know that you can buy and ask to send trhough USPS. I think the product will arrive fast here in Brazil but the problem is in the customs house ( alfandega)

Good luck


Thanks Cogu!
Yes… the biggest problem is the customs. I was trying to calculate and the total amount would be around U$840 including customs charges!
I tried to send an email to the beatbuddy sales team asking if they might have a distributor in Brazil (which could make the value a little better) but unfortunately I didn’t receive any response.
I was crazy to have a beatbuddy but unfortunately I might need to deal with some competitor product :cry:
Thanks for your response!

Unfortunately, competitor products do not even come close. But the price you named is way over the roof :frowning:
I can’t even imagine it being so high, as Brazil appears to be pretty close to US…

Unfortunately the the price of the imported products arrive for us far from our realitty. I don´t know when it will change. I had luck in have some friend in the USA in this week because I don´t know when I would have my beatbuddy. Which region of Brazil are you from?
Daefecator the problem I think is not the distance, but the way that the products are charged to be imported. An example: I bougth the beatbuddy on indieggo campain, so I paid $179. For the product enter here in Brazil, 60% of this value we pay in taxs, plus the shippment costs, plus and plus … Sometimes the product arrive here for 4 or 5x more expensive…


That’s horrible indeed. I feel for you, guys :frowning:

That’s right Cogu. but in addition to the 60% fees, local states can also charge additional taxes. I’m in São Paulo and here the state taxes are 20%. So, you need to consider 80% and the amount is not only the product itself but also the shipping fees.
In the case of Beatbuddy, you should consider 80% over $379 (total $682!!!)
That’s why it’s so important to have a local distributor. Charges would be placed over the FOB price which makes it much cheaper. Just to compare, a Boss DR-3 costs around U$300 locally.

It is complicated. Carlos I´m in São Paulo too…maybe we can play something together using the BB. I´m live in south of SP