Anyone seen a .sng for 'Black Magic Woman'?

I saw a single request and searched but nothing came up. This would make our lead guitarist happy. These postings are a phenomenal benefit - stumbled on ‘Lucky Man’ (Quartus) and played it at our gig the other night with little effort (granted some effort applied to getting the kinks out of the chorus harmonies would make everyone happy) and ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. Thanks everyone.

Black Magic Women…Santana.

Cool thanks. What drum kit works best?

Try different ones and see which one works best for you.

Mike - apologies for this but I seem to have missed something. Its not clear to me in the manual but ‘assuming’ since the Default Drum Set shows up as *Latin(4) does that mean I don’t have such a thing loaded on my Manager (and Latin alone won’t do). If I simply set the global Drumset up top to ‘Latin’ instead of Standard I get something of value. Clicking on any other song in the project folder sets the Drumset back to the preferred one for that song but Latin remains as *Latin(4) and when I select the song again after leaving it I am once again forced to set Default Drum Set to Latin but can’t save that setting.

Save the drum setting by clicking on it again before you go back to the song list.

Saving and resetting for ‘Latin’ in the upper Playback Drumset and in the Default Drumset for the song itself just reverts as soon as I switch songs and return. No other songs do that. The.bbp * disappears after saving as usual but returns as soon as I exit and return. So changing to a listed drumset (Latin in both cases) and all is fine. Apparently the *Latin(4) is not recognized and has now disappeared from any lists. No longer broke I’ll stop trying to fix it. Thx Mike

A post-script Mike. We played this at rehearsal last week, straight up, simple just using the pause/unpause button as dictated by the song. Flawless. Thanks for adding this. We of course have to decide what to do with the later parts of the song - it would be nice to have a 2nd Main part to switch to. I will tinker with copying some existing fills into that role but if you have any suggestions feel free. Thanks again!