Anyone tried the Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose? Would it work?

I’m quite ingnorant of MIDI gear, and I couldn’t tell from Tech 21’s description if this does the same type of things as the FCB1010 …so thought I’d refer this question to the experts here.
This device is smaller than the Behringer, a better shape for my pedal board than the MIDI Maestro, and it’s available now at about half the price…although without many of the cool features of the Maestro.

What do you all think?

Nowhere near the functionality of the FCB board…you cannot set different messages per switch, or so it seems from the manual, TBH honest I am not really sure what value it is at all??

I was confused about what the pedal could do… because I didn’t read anything about sending individual messages from each switch. But since I don’t know much about MIDI controllers I thought I might have been missing something. So, for example, it would be impossible with this pedal to just hit a switch and have Beatbuddy go into a transition/stop/start/etc. Correct?

Not sure, as there are no clear MIDI specs published for it that indicates what it will send. send an email to it’s support service I guess is about the best thing.

I appreciate the advice. I have a lot to learn about the MIDI world.

I think the Tech 21 just does MIDI program change messages, that’s all.

As Klink mentioned, does program changes only from what I see. You need change control functionality. Search on this forum for the Arduino Midi Controller you can make yourself and youtube videos for Arduino midi to learn more.