anyone tried to do cc messages with fcb1010 foot controller?

I can’t seem to get beatbuddy to respond to cc messages sent out by the fcb1010 foot controller. I’m using the pc interface to set up the sysex dumps to configure the controller. I’ve tried to send cc108 and cc110 messages to the beatbuddy with no effect. it’s sending on channel 10 but I have bb configured to omni with all cc’s enabled so it should be receiving. The event viewer in Sonar shows pedal transmitting the cc messages on channel 10 and patch changes transmitted with the pedal are switching beats within the folder so I know it’s receiving.

What values are you sending with the cc110 messages? Are you using the FCB1010 with the UnO chip or as it comes? Are you sending one message with each foot press or two (one for press and another for release)? Are you sure the BB is set up with Midi In on? Are you sending PC messages as well as CC messages with the same switch; there is an order in which these are sent from the FCB1010 - that might affect the outcome on the BB side. Apologies if some of these suggestions are obvious.

values sent are 75-127. I actually just want cc108 to work but I’m trying any cc message out of frustration. fcb1010 chip is stock. I’m using the expression pedal for these but bb is responding to program changes so I know midi is on. pc messages are not being transmitted with the expression pedal, only cc.

got it figured out. thanks for the response. God the manual for this pedal sucks.