Anyone used Aeros with Boss RC5 as drum machine?

Hi all!

I’m new to the Aeros and since I have exhausted my $$ quota for pedals for a few months at least, and I haven’t obtained a BeatBuddy, I would like to use the Boss RC5 drum machine as, well, drum machine for using with Aeros. It has MIDI implementation and I was wondering if anyone has used it as drum machine triggered by Aeros when starting a recording and synching MIDI clock.

Of course otherwise I’ll dive into the MIDI sections of the manuals but since I don’t have much time (and actually almost zero exprience with MIDI) available, I was wondering if anyone had tried it before.


Interesting question!

Not a very common use case at all but could potentially be helpful to check out this BeatBuddy + RC 5 video, the BeatBuddy and Aeros work very similarly

On Aeros, you would set the MIDI out to be MIDI Receiver
On RC5 you will not turn down the rhythm level and only do looping on the Aeros