Anyone using the Morningstar MC8?

I’ve read great reviews about the MC8 and have tried to purchase one but my credit card company DECLINES the transaction automatically. I’ve called them and they tell me that the Morningstar Company (in Singapore) is Flagged as a fraud danger. I don’t know about their WINKY BUSINESS but, I still want to purchase the MC8. How did y’all get your hands on one?

Could you use PayPal or Venmo instead?

Here’s a link to another vendor

Thanks Persist, I feel like you’re becoming my personal gizmo adviser. The Morningstar site didn’t have a PayPal or Venmo or any other options listed when my VISA came back DECLINED and instructions to try another payment option. Thanks for the THORPY link. I’ve never heard of them but I’ll give them a try. Their site says that they’re in the UK. Have you any experience with them? Thanks again, JR

No experience with them. The other vendors were in Australia, Italy & Germany.

You could also try Reverb or the TGP Digital Emporium.

Ya know what? I just clicked PURCHASE for an MC8 (from Singapore) on REVERB.CALM!! Through PayPal yadayadayada… What could go wrong now??? We’ll see… Thanks again Persist, you’ve lifted this forum a couple notches up for me! JR

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I just purchased the MC6 (which was out of stock for a week). My card wasn’t declined. However, my credit union put a hold on the purchase checking for a fraudulent transaction. I’m expecting it within a week.

Thanks for the reply, JusDandy, I suppose that we should be thankful that our credit unions are looking out for fraud (mostly, to protect themselves). It’s a lot better than the card going through and then with no word for a week, finding out that your purchase ISN"T coming. I hope your MC6 works GREAT for you! JR

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