Anywhere to buy arranged songs and drum sets?

I love the 200 professionally done songs and the professional drum sets included with BB. I know there is a company associated with BB that will sell songs and drum sets in the future. The 200 songs that come with BB offer so much variety with their arrangements. Are there any online companies that sell high end midi songs and/or drum sets? Being so new to this I just want to add good arrangements to my BB and see which ones work for a particular song instead of experimenting much with making my own or editing them. Any excellent arrangements out there on the www?

Just search web for MIDI drum loops. If you play a certain genre, you can get a package of loops for it (maybe $20-$30 for a 1000 loops). This will include verse, chorus, intros, fills, etc. But when looking for a genre, try to research the seller to see if their drummer in that genre is qualified.

Thanks sooooo much for this! Pineers!

The DRM file and SNG files are specific to the BB so currently you can only use songs people have uploaded, however many find that too restrictive and would prefer midi loops, with that in mind you my find the following useful.

If one uses “midi loops” verses the BB files, performance wise what is the difference? Less control? Less variability? Just learning still.

BeatBuddy songs are made up of embedded midi files. If you want to change something in the song you can only remove parts but not move parts around. If you have the midi file you have total versatility.

@Allan Drake -

The BeatBuddy’s songs are all composed of MIDI files (with the exception of the accent hits, which are WAV). You can put songs together with MIDI files by importing a MIDI file into a particular song part (i.e. intro, main part, transition, fill, etc) via the software. Once a song has all its parts (and you save its settings), it changes the format to sng, which is a format unique to the BeatBuddy. Once a song is in the sng format, the sng file cannot be broken down into its individual MIDI parts again. In our software, if you click on the individual song parts of any particular song, it will direct you to the MIDI file library you have on your computer, which is what the songs are made up of (but remember, these files are not the actual parts of the song, just a library of the same format as what the sng files are composed of, this is so you can edit song parts within the software. But for example, if you were to download a user generated sng file to your computer, you wouldn’t be able to extract the original MIDI files that he used to make that song, you would only be able to import it as a song to your BB Manager project.

I have included a link to also download the Midi files that I used to make my .sng files in my thread. That way other users can make there own versions or if they want to change stuff. I suspect they won’t let us extract the MIDI files from the .sng file as they may want to sell licensed sng files at some stage.

It has little to do with that. The issue is that the way the sng files are built, they can’t be deconstructed. While at some point in the future things may change, for the present time all of our files are royalty free: you may use, edit, distribute, duplicate, and anything else you see fit to do with them. If you find a way to extract the original MIDI files from the sng files, let us know, and we will gladly pass on the information to any interested party. :slight_smile:

Well, I definitely know a way how to deconstruct an SNG file, rip MIDI chunks from there and try to composed a MIDI file back :slight_smile:
But I must admit that even with a full access to the information under NDA this is not straightforward at all. I can confirm that without knowing the internal file format it is close to impossible to decipher that.

TLDR: Currently SNG format is MIDI-extract safe. Unless you provide MIDI files along with your SNG file, there is no way for end users to get those MIDI pattern files.