Anywhere to grab more techno beats than the 6 that come with it?

I’m looking to add a few more techno beats in the repertoire. The 6 I have are cool, just looking to add a few more. Does anyone know if I can get more?

You can download midi files and modify them to create your own beat.

Techno and the other beats of that ilk REALLY need a good electronic drum kit. The ones available are very basic and thin (imo) in the sound department!

GrooveMonkee has a BreakBeats package that includes a Beat Buddy .pbf file. There have been several electronic drum kits uploaded, although most have only one sample per drum. As there are so many drum kit collections available in loop/wav download packages, this is really one of those instances where learning to use the drum kit maker could be of benefit to you.


Thanks Phil, yes I agree ( I have the GM Breakbeats - for me though, the Dance drumkit is pretty ordinary)…I did a bit of a hunt around for a so-called Drum Editor Manual…sure I read somewhere there IS one available but I cannot find it…do you know of an available manual?

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Click the Downloads tab

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Cooly - thanks much persist :slight_smile: