App to send BPM to beatbuddy via MIDI?

Hi all,

does anyone know of a simple utility app for Mac OS X that will allow me to type in a bpm number and then send that via midi to the beatbuddy? I’m practicing scales and don’t want to have to lean down every time to keep going back and forth between speeds.

I imagine garageband would do it, but I don’t want a big setup every time so really want a basic small app that I can just dial in a number and that’s it. No need for tap tempo.


I know you said “no need for tap tempo” but have you tried using the BB remote foot switch settings to change the tempo? Try it with firmware 1.8.5 if . . . .

Thanks, but I don’t think that it works for my needs. I’m practicing scales at different speeds. So I need to go up and down by exact amounts. So scale 1, 100bpm, scale 2 140bpm, etc.

Am I missing something or dosnt the Tempo dial on the BB dos that?

Yes of course. My problem is that the Beatbuddy is under the desk in my practice space. Then I’m practicing scales on my guitar so I’d need to put the guitar on its stand and then duck under the desk at the end of every practice routine. Part of my routine to help me speed up is to go up and down regularly eg one scale slow then fast then slow again then a different faster speed etc.

ok I got what you mean now. . I’m looking around for apps that might be usable. are you an Android User ?

I’ve got the cable, and midi is working fine in my setup. I’m hoping to find a mac os x app rather than mobile as I don’t have a simple way of sending midi from my mobile devices into my setup.

I have had a bit of a search and haven’t come up with anything.

o good . I use set list maker to set tempo for songs. so in the presets screen theres a way to configure presets (as many as you need) to change the tempos. If I see anything that may help your request I’ll post it.

Bit long winded and I’m not a mac user so no idea if this would work but maybe give you some ideas. Assuming your mobile device in an iphone.

Video to send midi over wireless from an ipad (or iphone I guess) to a mac

Then use something like TouchOSC bridge to route the incoming wireless midi on the mac to the wired port on the mac

The install Set list maker or similar on your iphone/ipad and set up a number of songs on it at the reqd tempo. The songs themselves can probably be empty, you just need it send the beat buddy midi tempo commands when you select that song.

So when you select a song on the mobile device, it will send midi out which can go over wireless to the mac where the TouchOSC bridge reroutes the midi to your wired midi out port and thus to the beat buddy.

Sweet Midi Player might work for you

Why don’t you move the pencil sharpner over and put the BeatBuddy on your desk top, then run a cord from the Beat Buddy jack to the remote switch on the floor where your BeatBuddy would normally sit. That way you can adjust the BeatBuddy to the exact setting and then trigger it from the remote pedal. I’m not trying to be a “Smart-Ass”, just being logical.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thank you. I downloaded and tried it. I can’t seem to get it to work, but it looked like it might.

Thanks, very logical. It’s the fiddling about to setup and put it back that I’m trying to avoid.