Arduino remote for BeatBuddy with midi in messages

Here is a little project to show / explain midi in command set of the beatbuddy firmware 1.8.5.

Hope you will enjoy.
Available: scheme , arduino sketch and youtube vidéo.

Feel free to comment.

That’s pretty slick. Thanks for sharing!

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4]Holy Sh*t - This is great. Ok you got me. I was holding off on studying the Arduino but with this that you created, Im taking the jump. I’m going to try and make this my winter project. Really big thanks for making and sharing this. [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial] [/FONT]

You have any more detail on what wires from the key pad go to the Arduino?

No idea if these are what he used but look to be at least compatible candidates:

Hello jstrauss, ( And thank you The Big E. )
Very very pleased to make you start with arduino : it’s very fun. If i can help don’t hesitate.

To wire my keypad, i did exatly what Keypadtutorial explains : identify keypad pinout. (7 pins).

My keypad is wired like this : R1-R2-C2-R3-C0-R0-C1

You must determine pinout of your keypad ( test mine first ;-)) and correct/verify it in the sketch before compiling arduino project.

Now, keep in mind that my final project is to wire footswitches, not keypad.
Keypad is only here to show that with only 7 arduino pins, you can program 12 commands !

This is great! I’ve been doing Arduino projects for a while, but I’m new to Beat Buddy. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Much thanks!

Hello Hugs,
Any visual feedback feasible via your project’s display? Particularly BPM / tempo?

After reading this thread i was able to work on a small remote LCD display that shows the tempo of the BB, which I can attach to my mic stand to view at eye level.

Hello John,
It is possible.
I’ve tested it : by couting sync messages from BeatBuddy, you can calculate tempo and so time in measure 1,2,3,4 for exemple.
96 sync sent per measure by BB. Tempo is then calculed with the help of millis().

Thanks hugs. I actually did start (at the time of my post) doing a lot of research and was able to set up a BB tempo box using the Arduino, with an LCD remote display that I connect through MIDI. Its been working out well for normal and slower tempo’s but once you get into the 190 and over its to fast for the LCD display to show with any clarity.

Very Nice Project !!!
First, Sorry for my english…
I am very interested in this project because I have a bit of the same idea of realization. to defer the commands via the MIDI port. But I would also try to retrieve some information via the port midi. for example how to recover the name of the song selected on the beatbuddy ??? certainly by a sysex command, but how ???

I don’t think it is possible. Did you take a look at the MIDI-manual?

Hi, Jessie. Take a look at post #29 by aashideacon and see if Midi Monitor will help you out:

thanks guys for your answers
for alex : of course i had take a look on the midi Manual, and i haven’t see nothing about this. that’s why I allowed myself to ask this question. if anyone had a little idea … don’t worry about you’re english, i’not a native english speaker too
for Persist : just after a little check, i’ll try the same. read a MIDI message between the BEATBUDDY and another device … good idea, even i’m not sure to see something.
For both : Thanks again for your answer.

Jessie - can I ask once you read the Midi Info what is it you want to do with that information?
I asked because there may be some other ways to accomplish what your trying to do.

Hello Jstrausss, and thanks for you’re answer.
i would like to realize my new little pedalboard.
for simplicity…
an arduino control all the midi communication.
see the picture (project.gif)…

as it works for the GT-001(Boss), i would like to have the same for the Beatbuddy.

When i chose a patch with the switchs, the patchname is read in the GT-001, and display on the nextion via the midi link.
Then, even i change the patch on my GT-001, it will be always the good name display on the nextion. (only one information source).

i would like it will be the same for the beatbuddy…

ok thanks

Sounds like a nice project.

love this