Are Aeros and Beatuddy centre negative?


Ive bought a pedalboard powerbank battery that has centre negative outputs. Can someone please confirm the BB and Aeros are both centre negative before I plug it in. Im pretty sure they are but it is £1000 worth of gear so I want to get a 2nd opinion




Yes, they are both center negative. You can confirm that both pedals are center negative by checking diagrams on the bottom plate of the BeatBuddy (BB) and exactly below the power jack port on the AEROS.

Ok thanks. Heres the powerbank

Can you please double check for me theres no reason this will damage anything

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

The AEROS plug diagram displays center negative, 9V.
The BeatBuddy (BB) bottom plate diagram displays center negative, 9V, 500mA.

Your Powerbank link displays 2x9V DC outputs at 1.2A total which should be more than enough to safely power your two pedals. It appears that it includes the adaptor for the cables. So I think it’s up to you to make certain that you use the correct power cables and adaptors (if needed) to provide center negative polarity.

I read reviews on the Powerbank that it is digitally noisy—I think this refers to using the Powerbank daisy chain to power pedals beyond the two 9V outputs.

EDIT: I just looked at the Powerbank instructions and the diagram shows only one 9V output—if this is correct, then this is why some of the reviews mentioned that their pedals were noisy. There are other posts here on the forum mentioning that it’s best to use the power adaptors that come with your pedals or to use power supplies with individual isolated outputs for each pedal to be powered.

BOTTOM LINE, as I’m not a Singular Sound employee, it’s up to you to make sure that you connect and operate your pedals in a safe manner.

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Ok thanks for looking much appreciated.

Yeah its got 2 9v outputs though theyre not isolated and Ive also read its a bit noisy but Im prepared to trade that for not having the hassle of having to mess about with multiple psus and cables at gigs.

Depends how noisy it is I guess. Ill find out when I try it

Thanks again :slight_smile:

May be noisy if you use a lot of gain on your amplifier. You can adjust the output volumes on your pedals and amp to reduce the likelihood of digital noise.

Let us know how the Powerbank works :grinning:

Yeah I use pretty low gain from a Fender amp sim on a zoom ms50-g going into the Aeros so I reckon it’ll be ok. We’ll see :slight_smile: