Are there 2 generations of the Beat Buddy?

Hi there! I’ve recently purchased a BeatBuddy Mini 2. I’m also considering getting a Beat Buddy, however I see 2 different “versions” of it online with logo being the biggest difference. Is one an older generation? Sorry for the noob question :slight_smile: If so, what are the differences? Thank you!

The one I’m seeing thats different from the Singular Sound website:

The logo is the only difference. And it’s not a noob question, at all. I would ask the same thing, upon seeing 2 printings. In fact, when the 2nd printing first appeared, one of the major retailers, Thomann, I believe, initially listed it a Beat Buddy v.2, which got some of us exciting, but also confused. Singular replied that the only difference was in the font used for the printing of the newer batch.

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Thank you that is very helpful. Excited to start on this journey!

Also thank you for your timely advice. I was able to buy a 2nd hand Beat Buddy! Woohoo!