Are there plans to allow the Aeros to serve as an audio interface when connected to a PC?

I know it may be far off, but I am looking to replace my looper and this is a key feature for me.


Hey there, I don’t think that’s really in our scope right now, and I’m not sure the USB port on the Aeros is really made to stream digital audio to a computer, let alone sync with a computer application (of which we would have to create). The Aeros, though working like a standalone DAW in some respects, probably would not fall into the category of an interface. I’ll float the idea and see what comes of it!

Thanks for getting back to me. I am thinking of something like the Overbridge offered by Elektron, that would allow per channel recording into a DAW, directly off the Aeros.


Interesting tech! Thanks for telling me about it, gotta look into that!