Ask a question to the poster above you (and answer theirs!)

This Off Topic forum is too dead, lets get some game threads going to get us being a bit more social! :slight_smile:

If you’re not familiar with game threads they’re usually pretty basic, and my favorites are these ones built off of “XXX the poster above you.” So yeah, for this first one, just like the title says… I’ll start, answer my question then ask one of your own. It doesn’t have to be Singular Sound related, of course – this is the Off Topic forum!

What is your favorite piece of gear on your pedalboard OTHER THAN your Singular Sound stuff?

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Hey there, appreciate the community!

My favorite piece of gear is my tiny Hotone opto-compressor pedal! It has a really nice shape to it, and has a spark mode that really makes it shine

When did you start getting into music?

haha, i must have been a little tired when i started this thread, Q&A should obviously have an open ended question for the poster BELOW, not a targetted question at the poster above :stuck_out_tongue: perhaps i did need that week in the hospital i just did heh

even tho religion isn’t a part of my life much these days (i have faith, just don’t do the organized religion thing anymore), I grew up going to an Irish Catholic church in rural Michigan, and I fell in love with their particular flavor of hymn at a very young age. “Here I Am Lord” and “Were You There” both still give me chills.

if you could trade your current musical ability for a virtuoso level talent on one instrument that you’re stuck with for the rest of your life, which instrument would you pick?

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Probably my voice :zipper_mouth_face:

Is anyone besides Brennan and myself interested in this thread?

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Why didn’t you ask a question? :stuck_out_tongue: (note that i take these things so seriously that i needed to phrase it as a question so that my own post wouldn’t be devoid of question and therefore BREAKING THE RULES MR. MODERATOR :slight_smile: <3)

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you must have edited in that question! and the answer, apparently. is no.

what’s your favorite son to play with your BeatBuddy?

I honestly just love jamming out, lay some lines on Aeros and have BB playing

What was the best concert you’ve seen in recent memory?

I was on vacation last year at my friend’s property in Spain here and we went to AC/DC concert , the best one I’ve been to. Thousands of people jumping, listening to great music and enjoying themselves.

What is your favorite food?

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PIZZA. extra cheese. with parmesan and romano sprinkled on top. and garlic herb crust. not too picky on other toppings.

what’s YOUR favorite pizza topping and why?

Ham and pineapple!.. why? My taste buds tell me that it is nice.

What was the last song that you learned to play?

“Heaven’s Dead” by Audioslave.

Do you prefer to learn a cover song by ear or with tabs/music?