assembling different song parts from different songs into a single new song?

I’ve read the manual and looked at several videos but can’t figure this out. I just want to assemble by copying or importing/exporting a complete song part from different songs in the standard library into a single new song? how do you reuse an entire song part from several existing songs into a new song? I can see how you could do it one individual song track at a time but that would take forever. For example create a new song with two song parts. Part 1 is Rock 11 (part 1) and part 2 is Rock 13 (Part 1). how do you do that?

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Currently, you would need to copy/paste the song tracks (individual MIDI files that make up the song part = main loop, fills, etc), although we are adding the copying of song parts to our to-do list.

In the BB Manager you can + select and drag them across from one song to another (not sure if it is Ctrl or Alt but I think it is one of these). So create a new, empty song. Then drag the midi part of another song with the button pressed and it will make a copy of the selected part in the empty song. Then just repeat with other parts from other songs.

Sorry…forget my last post - I was mixing up tracks and parts. Although dragging tracks as I described is pretty quick.