Assign 'fill' to Footswitch2 (while playing)

Is there a way to assign the ‘fill’ to footswitch2(FS2) (for while beat is playing)?
I want to have the ‘accent’ for FS1, and the ‘fill’ for FS2.
I also need to keep FS1 & FS2 for the song up/down when beat is stopped.
Note: Assigning FS2 as ‘master’ prevents using it for moving forward/backward thru songs (while beat is stopped).

Can anyone confirm: Shouldn’t there be a ‘fill’ option right next to the ‘accent’ option for a given foot switch? (i have the most recent 3.2 firmware)

If I understand what you’re asking, yes, you can assign what each outboard pedal does on the main pedal in the Setup screens. I believe it’s under the “footswitch” menu.

If I’m missing something, let me know, maybe I can help.

There’s no ‘fill’ option under the footswitch menu, just the ‘Outro fill’ (which, of course, stops the song).

This is for footswitch #1, but #2 is the same. You’ll enable #2 to act as the Main pedal which can do the fills.

Thanks Mark.
Only problem doing that is i can’t then use that switch to cycle between songs (while stopped).
I want to gig with it and be able to scroll forward/backward between my setlist.
While playing, I like the footswitch pedal near the bottom corner of my pedalboard so that i don’t have to look down to find the switch for a fill (and/or accent). since i orient my pedalboard by blindly finding the corner of it with my toe, i could then quickly find the footswitch for the fill/accent.