Attaching BeatBuddy to a Pedal Board

I was able to make my own pedal board which I’m excited about. The only problem I have is that I’m using industrial strength velcro and it will not attach to the BeatBuddy. I think it is because of the rubber coating on the underside of the BeatBuddy. Any one else have this issues are a work around?

Remove the baseplate and use a heat gun or hair dryer to carefully pry the rubber off. A long while back, a user suggested flipping the baseplate over and reattaching it. Haven’t tried that and I can’t find the original post. It would require drilling the hole for at the top because it is not centered.

Searching the forum on “velcro,” this is what I came up with:

Small print disclaimer: If you’re going to use the heat method, make sure you place a piece of scrap wood under the plate and do not use heat around flammable stuff.:eek: Let us know what worked for you.

Thanks for the information. I’m most intrigued by drilling a hole. Can anyone advise on how to do that? Would a regular drill bit work as the bottom casing doesn’t seem too thick.

Removing the rubber +1

Just finished - turned out to be quite easy. Just marked a hole, drilled using a regular drill bit with wood underneath. Then took a knife and cut of small parts of rubber around the new hole and on the top to create a seal. Took about 10 minutes!
Thank for the input

I pulled the rubber off.