Attachments and "BeatBuddy User Forum - Error"

An enormous amount of content seems to have been lost when the “Resources” site section was added.

It would be good if someone restored it. A case in point:

from this thread:

gets one this error message:
[SIZE=6]BeatBuddy User Forum - Error[/SIZE]
This attachment cannot be shown at this time. Please try back later.

Also, many items in the Resource section are similarly missing, such as:

What’s the story on this issue?

Most likely due to poor management and supervision of the techs that were moving the forum to a different server. The big concern users should have is about the poor IT management business practices i.e., the lack of consistent server backup practices. I don’t know if this has been resolved and is in my opinion, why Singular Sound never restored the lost content.

A) It was not “When the Resources section was created.” The Resources section already existed and it was lost, too.
B) Attached is Damien’s Amospheric Black Metal. Like, I said, when you give a title, you might actually get something. You’ll probably need one of his kits for that song. Those should still be in Resources.