Attitude is everything

I am not a patient person. After years of belonging to various forums, I realize I am not the only one with this issue. However, in all those years in all those forums, I have found that Attitude is everything. You can be impatient and yet have a good attitude. Also, you can be impatient and have a bad attitude. You can guess which one is most common. You can also guess which one attracts help and friendliness from the powers that be. However, in all my forum activity I have seen a common thread that has always “won the day”. Moderators/leaders who remained pleasant and patient with those who were not pleasant and patient, made the forums valuable.

I want to encourage everyone here. Biting and sarcasm and critical words will never produce a good forum. in very short order all the issues to this incredible tool will be solved and the complaints will stop but the damage done in the meantime will be almost irreversible.

I value this forum because of the community of musicians that I can learn from and for the tech help I will need as I learn this device but it pains me to come in here and see the sarcastic and caustic exchanges between users and moderators.

Just my opinion.


I think almost exactly as you do.
…And that’s why I am not a moderator anymore. I simply hate having to have unfair obligations.

Thats rally sad… You did a real good job there and you`ve been very present all the time! Thank you for your work! :frowning:

I agree with Dennis. You have been the one voice trying to keep tempers cool. With everyone losing their heads at you it must have been very difficult. It is a pity you are no longer a Mod. You gave good advice and tried to help where you could. I hope the BB team will now, either appoint a new Mod who is as vocal as you, or at the very least, be more forthright with their own communication. Thank you very much, Daefecator, for your input on this forum thus far.

Guys, don’t panic! I am not going anywhere. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask them! I’ll still try to help with everything I can.

This was more of a political decision that has no real significance (to me). I am just leaving the real moderatorship to the actual professionals that Singular Sound has.

Sure. At least they have an ‘ignore’ option, which really helps, and I strongly suggest you use it (even on me…if you must :smiley: )

Personalities differ widely with culture, age, temperament.

Without an ignore feature forums can be really wild. For instance a really nice forum is the (an app for an iPad). They don’t have an ignore feature and there are some really young kids going BERSERK on this forum, which is generally populated by the nicest people imaginable. (actually, I think a few of them were banned recently)

It’s rather amusing.

BTW, even better is an ‘Ignore thread’ option. The Gearpage forum has this right on the front page. GREAT option.

This seems to be a pretty good idea with that ‘ignore’ option!
I’ll pass that to the team as the suggestion to enhance the forum :slight_smile: