Audio (and thanks) for your craft

Not a complete list but the ones we have just posted audio for. In recent months we’ve adopted a number of crafted MIDI efforts - some by request to forum members. We record everything we play direct off the mixer as it goes to the PA and the better efforts get posted to Soundclick (at www.Soundclick/Acoustic Drive) or accessed via the button on the FaceBook page (in my signature).

Scroll down to “Willin’” (thanks to Phil Flood) and “Comfortably Numb” (thanks to Phil) from last week. Can’t forget Persist in this for all his kind authoritative assistance when I get in over my head.

There are a few more (Phil Flood’s “Wild Night”, Phil’s “Tennessee Whiskey”, Persist’s “Black Magic Woman” and others) I’ll post as the recording quality (and performance) warrants. I also developed a list of the songs (out of about 50 we draw from currently) using Beat Buddy stock beats if anyone is interested. Of course you’ll hear some of those on that mp3 posting link above.

Your kind words offer nice encouragement. Thank you!