Audio dropping out

I’ve uploaded my Beat Buddy with the premium content and started using the BeatBuddy manager. I’m getting audio drop outs. I’ve completely removed the files from the SD card and reinstalled the backup files downloaded from the site. Still getting drop outs. What’s the next step??

I’m actually getting the drop outs now only out of the headphones, the regular 1/4 inch jacks are fine…hardware issue?!

What happens when you use a different pair of headphones or when you connect your computer speakers to the headphone jack? Does it continue to happen? Or just with the original pair of headphones?

Just this week (after a year of trouble free use) I’m getting random distorted, faded, crackly sound from the BB. Sometimes the volume lowers itself (with no distortion or crackle) mid-song and then comes back up.

I’m running it stereo through a Mackie board, on two channels. Cables don’t make noise when jiggled. It will correct when cables are unplugged, then re-plugged into the BB. The rest of the PA (other guitarist, bassist and 2 vocal mic) do not suffer the same problems.

The LCD display works fine. The BB’s female jacks have not loosened (that has happened several times) Could this be a failing SD card?

This is a very random thing and it just started during rehearsal this week, so I haven’t had time to see some pattern. I did change cables but due to the randomness, I can’t say it’s helped, though. Have a gig Saturday night so not sure I can sort this out before then (yeah, I have a day-job!).

Just trying to see if anyone else has experienced this and has a simple solution that I’m overlooking.