Audio pops (on input, not recording)

I just got the Aeros yesterday and have been getting to know it. I have noticed some audio pops (intermittent short ~100 millisecond bursts of white noise similar to “dropouts” that can occur with usb audio interfaces). I watched to see if they repeat with the loop, but they do not. They only seem to happen while I play along. Maybe once every two or three loops (each loop being a few bars long). I have seen this whether it is on instrument or line level input, and it doesn’t seem to be related to my playing volume though I am not 100% certain. In 2x2 or 6x6. This is with BB synced and playing aeros audio through BB headphone output. Latest firmware.

Is this something others have experienced? (I haven’t scoured the board but I couldn’t find anything similar. The other dropouts seem to be about midi clock, and occur on playback of the recorded loop.)

Am I clipping the input?? I am running out of my pedalboard - not too hot, I would think, and no preamp.

Seems like a buffer issue, or maybe a bad cable somewhere. Will continue to troubleshoot…

Thanks in advance for your help.