Audio routing with Aeros and BB

Did a few searches here but haven’t found this discussed. Hello…new here.

So - big pedalboard and at the end of my signal path I have the Aeros. It’s wired in to my ES8 in the last stereo loop in and out of the Aeros.

Now I’ve added a BB. The midi routing seems easy. What about audio?

What I’d really like is to have the ability to route BB output to PA but keep the Aeros feeding the amp.

So eg I think I can take the aux out into the BB - but I can’t quite figure out whether eg I can just have the BB sorta off on its own - midi synced w Aeros, but sending it’s output to the board without input in the BB? Otherwise, right, the loop signal goes thru the BB and then the amp is contending w the same input.

On the old Adrennalinn pedal you could send drum machine only out of one output jack to get the drum sounds off the guitar amp. Is there something like that in BB that would allow that kind of routing? Or, if I midi sync to Aeros but put no input into the BB - would that even work?

Not even sure the question makes sense but …?

Thanks Noel

The BB doesn’t really need anything in its input… you can just run the out to a PA if you’d like…

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+1. The midi chain and the audio are independent. It’s actually best to just have the BB audio go directly to the mixer board. The midi from the BB still goes into the Aeros, and then your effects chain goes into the Aeros audio input. The Aeros out goes into your board on a separate pair of channels from the BB.

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Yep…makes total sense. Thanks for confirming!