Audio to midi to beatbuddy

Hi all ,
maybe this is a stupid question … I don’t know because I dion’t know midi at all .
Can I convert a drum track to midi notes and then export to beatbuddy ?
If yes … how ?
and if it is possible , it’s also possible to do the same with a drum&bass trck using a drum&bass beatbuddy library ?
Thanks a lot !!

This question has several different answers on the forum.

There’s a detailed answer from Phil_Flood somewhere on the forum. Try searching for “melodyne”

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The technology is improving in this area. There are several products available that will make “stems” from a pre-recorded audio file. Typically they allow for separation of 4 parts: bass, percussion, vocals and other. There is one on-line only product that separates into 6 stems. Once you have the stems, you can use a good pitch to midi product to create a midi file. I recommend Ableton. With drums, the midi file will not be accurately mapped. But, drums of the same pitch will be on a line for a given pitch. Ex. The kick may have been placed on E2 in the midi. Select all E2 and move to C1. Repeat this for the rest of the file and drums. Bass can be captured to midi fairly accurately. SimpleStems is the product I’d recommend for a budget solution. Isotope RX also does a good job. Either are excellent, by the way, for creating karaoke backing tracks, by removing vocals.