Audition Midi files first


Im looking for a easy way to audtion my midi files prior to loading them into BB manager.
Im just looking for a quick easy way to audition the files while they are the folder they are stored in.
Any ideas?


If you want to “preview” your MIDI files you can simply do that by double-clicking them in the folder they are in. Windows will be able to play it for you. Note however, that Windows will play your MIDI file using a standard MIDI mapping, and the result will most likely be different from when you play it with your BeatBuddy due to the reasons I’ll list for you below. Playing it like that though will help you get an idea of the file.

Reasons why Windows playback may differ from BeatBuddy playback.

  1. Unsupported tracks - only a drum track is currently supported by BeatBuddy.
  2. Unsupported notes - only a narrow subset of notes are supported by BeatBuddy. You can find help find the exact mapping in BeatBuddy manager software going through all the available drumsets on the drum sets tab as shown on the screenshot below.

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Awesome… thank for the quick response. I’ll try it out after work tonight.